Bojken Abazi resigns as head of LVV

Bojken Abazi resigns as head of LVV

Bojken Abazi has resigned as leader of the Vetëvendosje Movement in Tirana, after the results of the April 25 elections, where his party failed to get the expected votes.

In a Facebook status he writes: We spent Sunday together with Albin at the headquarters of VETËVENDOSJE! Movement. We followed the progress of the local election process in the municipalities of Kosovo and discussed at length: the future of Kosovo and Albania, the need for reforms in institutions and economy, social and nationwide progress that does not exclude any citizen, various organizational issues of our Movement, and to geopolitical relations in the world.

On September 15, I submitted my irrevocable resignation from the position of executive director of the Movement Center in Albania, which I had discussed even after the elections to the Center Board, to retain my responsibilities for the results in Albania. I expected to make this public, due to the situation in northern Kosovo and the first round of local elections. For the next steps in Albania we are continuing the discussions.

Meanwhile in Kosovo, from the third place in the local elections of 2017, VETËVENDOSJE! now it is the first with the popular vote in the municipalities at the level of Kosovo. The challenges are not small before the 12 runoffs after four weeks, but we are hopeful and engaged as rarely as before. The future belongs to the Movement, to the Albanians.