Berisha protest on December 6? Veliaj: Anti-Albanian gesture! Saliu, the typical case of a doctor who became a patient

Berisha protest on December 6? Veliaj: Anti-Albanian gesture! Saliu, the typical

The mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, considered Berisha's decision to protest on December 6 in Tirana as an anti-Albanian gesture. Speaking to Report TV, Veliaj stated that Berisha tries every opportunity to sabotage Albania.

"He is a typical case of a doctor who has become a patient. It is really mentally in serious condition. Make posts, remove posts. If it was really a puddle in the water, there was no reason to remove the post. The fact that he understood all the anger of the public, which behaves like a hyena trying to eat the remains of a disaster. It's really heavy. For the Berisha patient, that expression jumps out of trouble must be understood. A man who cannot go to Rinas. I am not surprised with Saliu. I am amazed at those who follow him. They follow a man who cannot cross the Rinas airport. If you couldn't go to America, no one is waiting for you in Europe and you can't go to England, your authority is Rinas. This says that since they don't love me, I will impose myself on you. You mean the tough one, that high school bully who said why don't you invite me to parties. This is clearly not invited to a birthday. They did not invite him to the ceremony, he is not invited to the wedding. He will come to the wedding with difficulty, taking all the grudge and public disgust of a man whom every opportunity of Albania seeks to sabotage," said Veliaj.

The Mayor said that whenever there are problems in Kosovo, Saliu tries to organize chaos in Albania as well.

"If you notice, Saliu is activated every time there is a problem in Kosovo. He organizes a mess in Albania. This is understood not only by the money that party receives from Russia. This is understood by the anti-Albanian behavior of Saliu throughout the last years. Find a crisis in Kosovo and ask what Saliu has been doing in Albania. We have a problematic situation in the north of Kosovo. Today there is a debate, despite the fact that it is limited to the north of Kosovo, it implicates all of Kosovo. The Special Envoy, Mr. Borrel, DASH is involved. He is a man who until now has lived with divide and rule. I divided the south and the north, I divided the Muslims from the Christians, I divided the newcomers from the natives. This scene has always worked for him. Today, I believe that society is many times more emancipated than such characters", underlines Veliaj.