The EU is against the Albanian government's project for a citizenship scheme for investors

The EU is against the Albanian government's project for a citizenship

The delegation of the European Union in a reaction to BIRN says that the project of the Albanian government for the citizenship scheme for investors contradicts the legislation of the European Union and poses a danger for Albania and for the Union.

The EU delegation also emphasized that this position was made clear to the Albanian authorities through several reports of the European Commission, the third and fourth reports on the Visa Suspension Mechanism, as well as in several meetings held with EU officials. during the last few years.

Reaction of the EU delegation:

"The Commission has taken strong measures against citizenship schemes for investors inside and outside the EU. The Commission considers these schemes contrary to EU laws, as they violate the principle of sincere cooperation and the concept of EU citizenship.

The application of these schemes by third countries with visa-free access to the European Union is of concern to the Union, as they can be used to circumvent the regular EU short-stay visa procedure and the in-depth assessment of individual migratory and security risks that this brings.

With the holding of the first Intergovernmental Conference for the opening of EU membership negotiations with Albania on July 19, the European Commission expects that the Albanian authorities will gradually align with the acquis and avoid deviating from it".

In the context of the Russian aggression against Ukraine, the EU Delegation also recalls that the Commission has recommended to the EU member states to immediately stop the citizenship schemes for investors.

Government decision

Through a decision approved on July 29, the government opened the way for the employment of an international company for the promotion of the Albanian passport in the world. The decision foresees "the implementation of public/private partnership concession procedures in citizenship programs", introducing this sector as a new field in the concessions law.