Basha: There is no DP here and a DP where someone else wants it, the DP has the Assembly on December 18th.

Basha: There is no DP here and a DP where someone else wants it, the DP has the

Lulzim Basha, Chairman of the Democratic Party has stated firmly that the Democratic Party has only one and not two National Assemblies, speaking out against holding a meeting of the Assembly of Sali Berisha.

From "Information Radar", Basha stated that the Assembly will be held on December 18 based on the statute of the party, adding that there can be neither statutes nor parallel Assemblies.

"I want to explain to the citizens that the DP acts according to certain rules as a democratic party. There is no parallel party, a PD here and a PD where someone else fits. There are no statutes or parallel Assemblies. It does not matter what happens on December 11 that the DP has the Assembly on December 18. DP structures have been almost waiting for the submission of requests. It did not happen. And to respond to the interest of even 5 Democrats that we do not know how many are locked in the safe, we decided to convene the Assembly on December 18.

I come today from meetings with dozens of Democrats that I have daily. I also consider the voice of a single Democrat. It is important to understand that the political will of the Democrats is channeled through the statute by their vote. This has happened every time we have had Assemblies and will happen on December 18th.

Albanians today massively flock to Europe for quality of life and despite everything Albanians want to become part of the EU. It is the first time that with my attitudes and communication I am setting a standard for how a policy aimed at leading the country towards Europe should behave in the 21st century.

I have to differentiate between three different things, those who speak on behalf of the Democrats, the dissatisfied Democrats who demand change, they want to know where we will take Albania in the face of a regime like Lukashenko and those who want to instrumentalize the DP for personal reasons like "Mr. Berisha", stressed Basha.