"Babale 2" of PD, reacts the administrator of Vaqarr: Shameful invention, shows that they are afraid of losing; report to SPAK for Belind Babalen

"Babale 2" of PD, reacts the administrator of Vaqarr: Shameful

The administrator of the Vaqarr Unit, Gentian Myrta, reacted immediately to the Democratic Party, stating that he would file a report with the SPAK against the PD candidate, Belind Këlliçi for defamation, fabricating wiretaps that resemble the wiretaps of Babala and Salianji.

Through a Facebook post, Gentian Myrta clarifies that the audio recording "Babale 2" distributed today by the DP is completely fabricated and shows that the DP is afraid of losing April 25.

"Babala's party is in total despair. They are so frightened by the loss of April 25 that they have enlisted the help of Shqup's amateur editors and fabricated an embarrassing audiotape that only certifies them as Salianji's fathers party. I clarify that the Babale 2 pseudo-wiretapping is a low fabrication that will receive the punishment it deserves from the SPAK, just like Babale 1 and will further darken the page of the Babale party. "From today, I will submit a report to SPAK for the false report of Belind Babala", writes Myrta.