US Ambassador on Cyber ​​Attacks: More Attacks Are Being Sponsored

US Ambassador on Cyber ??Attacks: More Attacks Are Being Sponsored

American Ambassador Yuri Kim has commented on the cyber attacks that Albania has faced recently. In today's American Chamber of Commerce event, Kim said that some miscreants tried to undermine faith in democracy, adding that other attacks are being sponsored.

" You know better than all of us what citizens need for a better and safer life. You also know the risks they face every day such as access to services. There are people who try to undermine democracy. The US is here to help and we like to be here to help. This conference is one way. I am proud that we have helped with cyber security measures and the Albanian people. In the US, they are working with allies on how to protect against malicious new technologies.

We all need partnerships between governments and the private sectors. We know the dangers are out there. These authoritarian regimes use technology to serve their objectives. Other countries are sponsoring other cyber attacks. We are pleased that in this hall we have the right people, people who understand the risks and can offer solutions , "said Yuri Kim