Does the opposition have 20 signatures to nominate the President? Balla: If so, let them make the proposal

Does the opposition have 20 signatures to nominate the President? Balla: If so,

Negotiations for the President have marked a step forward today with the meeting in the Presidency of the Assembly of Enkelejd Alibeaj with the head of the SP parliamentary group, Taulant Balla, who has had recent meetings with other parliamentary groups. During his speech, Balla said that if the opposition has 20 signatures to nominate the President, they can make the proposal. According to him, Prime Minister Rama has not set any red line regarding the process. Balla stated that it has been decided that the next day at 10:00 another open discussion will take place in the presence of the media with Alibeaj.

Excerpts from the statement of the head of the SP parliamentary group, Taulant Balla:

Edi Rama has not set any red line, but has cited the relevant article of the Constitution. The Constitution has been improved with an unblocking mechanism, this process we have said is carried out in the first three rounds, in the fourth round the Constitution gives the right to the majority. Neither side can create a political crisis. What the Prime Minister has said is that Albania needs a president of all Albanians. I hope that there will be flexibility on the part of the PD parliamentary group. I have expressed my readiness to discuss the principle that all parties have the right to propose. I do not want to comment further because I think it is a good thing that we have the opportunity to communicate and I believe that always from dialogue and consensus come positive products. I am saying that today there was a Conference of Presidents and I proposed that we meet at 18:00 and we were both meticulous to continue the meeting. Mr. Alibeaj requested that this negotiation take place with the presence of the media. So take action tomorrow and be present to hear the position publicly. I have stated my position very clearly today, I will say it tomorrow. If there is flexibility something that is fundamental, I believe we can make progress in this process. We have to go down to the names. Opposition to come up with proposals. Does the opposition have 20 companies to nominate 1 candidate ?! If they are related to the proposal. These written negotiations do not bring much concrete product. I tell you that this meeting was now a public meeting, open and I want it to be a process to have the opportunity for the DP to say its position. This is a meeting with PD and I hope to move on to wider meetings, our wish is for all 4 groups to be involved. If Alibeaj agrees to be, let him say it here.