6 deputies of the PD parliamentary group that Berisha took from Basha

6 deputies of the PD parliamentary group that Berisha took from Basha

Since the expulsion from the PD parliamentary group, a decision taken by the leader Lulzim Basha, Sali Berisha has started the anti-Basha tour. From the meetings in several cities, Berisha said that in the end the party will come out stronger and more united, accusing Basha of bargaining with Rama, and that he had asked him to resign in 2017.

With the developments within the DP, the divisions have started. Basha with his meetings explaining to the members why he left Berisha, and on the other hand the latter who is trying to gather as many supporters as possible. And so far, it seems to have withdrawn 6 deputies from the PD parliamentary group.

-Flamur Noka, Tritan Shehu, Edi Paloka and Isuf Çelaj were with Berisha in the meeting he held in Tirana.

-DP MP, Luan Baçi received the former leader of the Democratic Party as he arrived in Fier.

-Meanwhile in Vlora, he was received by the deputy of the region, Bujar Leskaj.

-This Wednesday Berisha announced that he will be in Durrës. Edi Paloka has openly expressed his support.

But it remains to be seen the position that will be held by 5 other deputies of the Democratic Party, among them the ally of the Democratic Party Agron Duka.

But there is still no start of the meetings of the firms to hold the National Assembly of the DP. Sali Berisha has made the request, but the leader of the Democratic Party Basha has said that there will be no meeting in the Democratic Party to be able to analyze the decisions taken by the US State Department.

Sali Berisha was declared non grata by DASH, while Lulzim Basha himself said that he and Sali Berisha himself know the information he received.

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