April 25 / US Embassy urges: Stay vigilant, avoid areas of unrest or violence

April 25 / US Embassy urges: Stay vigilant, avoid areas of unrest or violence

The US Embassy in Tirana in a statement published a few minutes ago has called on citizens to remain vigilant during these days and especially on April 25, advising to avoid electoral meetings or areas where there is unrest, to follow the media for tensions and dangers that may accompany election day, as well as avoid dressing in the colors or symbols of political parties.

US Embassy Notice:

Location: This notice concerns polling stations and their immediate surroundings, counting centers, election administration offices and any other area where crowds may have gathered.

Event: Parliamentary elections in Albania will take place on Sunday, April 25, 2021. Voting is scheduled from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm, with votes cast in more than 5,000 polling stations in all Albanian municipalities. The counting will follow Sunday's vote at the counting centers and may take up to a few days in some Municipalities.

Past elections have seen localized incidents of violence targeting election officials, those affiliated with political parties, and voting materials, raising the possibility of possible violence or other concerns on Sunday, April 25, or in the days following the vote. . Demonstrations in one city have the potential to spark additional rallies in other places around the country. Furthermore, traffic in the Embassy area or central areas of major cities can be affected by rallies or protests, leading to congestion and similar delays.

Actions to be taken:

Stay alert at polling stations, counting centers and polling stations.

Avoid areas where there are large demonstrations or gatherings.

Avoid areas where there are signs of unrest or constant violence.

Be aware of your surroundings.

Monitor local media for updates.

Keep a low profile, including avoiding wearing dresses with the colors of political parties.