A completely personal suggestion

A completely personal suggestion

I had promised you I would go to "Adrion" this week, but time has been against book visits. America with its elections swallowed us so much and I know that it seems ridiculous for some Swedes and maybe even here some of them not so rightly call this concentration megalomania, inferiority, but personally I think quite differently. America was a lecture and occasion for study. Trumpism is a big question and maybe thanks to Trump the world should sit down and think about what is happening to societies. Just like on Thursday I realized that America remains America when all the media one by one removed the plug on President Trump as he said things we have heard for 30 years from politicians and post them like lambs as the big news of the day. We have time to let go of the walk lie because it lacks synchronization, but this is a profoundly sad topic that this generation will hardly face. So the week went by with America as an echo in the head and the books were forgotten.

So I decided to show you something I planned to share with you one more time. It was my turn faster so!

I, today that I needed for writing, noticed that on Instagram I had 1903 followers, almost 2 thousand. Sometimes I even find some people who post the whole tribe within a day, but as long as they do not swear and do not post slander leaves them and I do not click the option of instagram revenge 'unfollow'.

I 'follow' almost all informative sites, American, British, Italian, even French (in these French I use the savior option 'see translation' but I must have followed them for the aesthetic beauty of the thought they convey).

Of course, among the approximately 2 thousand addresses, I have favorite addresses that are few in number and that I will write to you below. Nisim!

1-My favorite site is Goop. It is, in my opinion, the best site at the moment and its CEO, Guineth Paltrow, deserves credit for the idea but also the fortune that lies in an environment where there are more professionals than jobs. Enter and discover if you are venerated by idiocy and vanity with the same poses, clothing and looks.

2-Anisa Kushta, with her memes and jokes, is a girl with irony, salt and especially not pomp. Anisa with her sarcasm mocks phenomena, makes you laugh, thinks and what is worth it I have seen to offend anyone. He has made fun of me too and what can I say to you when they put in the right place and style, they deserve to take their hats off.

3-I crave for Interior Design. If I had a second life, I would build houses, furnish them, and sell them.

Follow various sites from archdigest, Melissa Penfold - follow because she is a journalist, style expert and the best home consultant. Whenever I am blue I go to GOOP, Melissa or all the Italian shoe brands, especially Fratelli Rossetti.

In the field of interior design in Albania I want the Martini Design solution. They are not very active, because Albanians are superstitious with houses mainly, but on this site you can find a few houses as 'abroad'.

4-For the kitchen I was the variant giallozafferani until the beginning of the pandemic, no I do not see it, but there is even better, much better. For example Nytcooking. Talented people submit their personal recipes and are simple, beautiful to look at and from afar look delicious. Only that they sometimes have some products that I do not know if they are found in Albania, but they are still worth it.

Adas'all is the site I like and my mom has agreed to that.

If I want to see art in the kitchen, I go back to the right place, to France. Alain Passard is the miracle on earth. His farm is like a painting, located near Paris and there he gets everything for his famous restaurant which is also frequented by the Macron couple. If only carrots, fennel and potatoes do not know how many colors they have in it, even leeks. One day I dream of going to his restaurant in Paris. It is never known.

5-Tiranapost.al or @ post.tirana is my favorite portal ?. And if there are any hours when the events of the day reach the peak of removing the chip, but we are not here in America, I go to an Albanian site that I have dear @ bota.al

The New Yorker magazine is just as much love at first sight.

When these come out in scroll, you are a little more normal person.

Day by day I am realizing that we are everything that comes out of our cell phone and we become like our desires, like the people and things we follow behind or like the ones we give up or take away from them!

Nice weekend