Ylli Manjani: Why do I think that extending the mandate of KPC is the only option

Ylli Manjani: Why do I think that extending the mandate of KPC is the only

By Ylli Manjani / To be honest to the end and professionally correct, I think that the extension of the mandate of the KPC should be done. And not because Yuri Kim wants it, but because the logic of the thing demands it.

It is true that the Constitution has defined the solution of what happens if the KPC does not complete the vetting in time, but that solution is neither right nor possible to be realized.

At least for equality before the law, judges and prosecutors must all go through the same procedure and in the same institution, ie from KPC and KPA. The transfer of half of them to the KPC and the remaining half to the HJC or HJC, creates opportunities for unequal treatment.

Second, practically shifting vetting to the HJC and the HJC would require additional time, procedures, infrastructure and energy. Meanwhile there should be pressure that vetting should be completed as soon as possible.
Therefore, I coldly think that there is no better option than extending the mandate of vetting structures.

Having said that, it does not change at all the deeply negative opinion I have about the product of this process conceived and realized badly and very badly. But that is another matter.

On the other hand, the extension of the mandate can not be given badihava. Parliament, has a good opportunity to inform itself and the general public what went wrong in this process ?!

What should be done better?

Who is responsible that vetting lasted longer than anticipated?

What can be done more than extending the mandate?

When does this process end?

Do you need additional funds and staff to close this process?

A responsible Parliament must answer these questions before raising the cartoons and with them the hands !!!

While making theatrical tricks, it would be good to give direction to this issue ..

Analysis, reasoning then voting!

To be honest, I expected this proposal from the opposition, but nothing !!!

There are other troubles these days…

Ylli Manjani: Why do I think that extending the mandate of KPC is the only