Ukrainians are fighting today for Albanians as well

Ukrainians are fighting today for Albanians as well

By Boiken Abazi / With the continuation of the Ukrainian liberation resistance, the Vucic regime in Serbia has three options:

1. To secede from Russia and join NATO and EU sanctions. Which seems to have no chance of happening without the fall of Vucic's regime and the rise of a progressive political force.

2. Launch an armed conflict in the Western Balkans in coordination with Russia, to assist the latter and seize the opportunity to occupy territories for Serbia. In this case, he would face Albanians, Bosniaks, Croats ... and a NATO and EU already unified, at a time when the war in Ukraine is not going according to Russia's forecasts.

To maintain the current attitude towards Russia to the end, becoming a support base for Russia, in the hope that it can continue to play the role of victim before the West, without giving in to Western pressure.

We must not forget that Serbia has general parliamentary and presidential elections in April, but also that the war is dynamic and creates unpredictable situations. However, the unification of NATO and EU positions and actions, which has fueled Ukraine's unwavering resistance to Russian occupation, has shocked not only Putin but also his Balkan allies, Vucic and Dodik.

The longer the Ukrainian liberation resistance lasts, the more the Vuiqi.'S chauvinist regime is unmasked internationally, the fewer options it has left, the weaker it becomes inside Serbia. This is one more reason why Albanians are with Ukraine today.
Without anyone predicting it before, the Ukrainians are fighting today for the Albanians as well.