Rezart Cenaj about the rape of a 15-year-old: As the father of a girl, this news makes me more alert

Rezart Cenaj about the rape of a 15-year-old: As the father of a girl, this news

By Rezart Cenaj / I have been following the news of the rape of a minor for a few days, apparently, being the father of a girl makes your alert higher than that of an ordinary citizen. Ojmë ⁣
demand immediate solutions by taking long-term measures⁣

One of the banners that caught my eye most often in protest was "educate the boy", and this does not remove any straight thread. Parents are now more aware of how they educate their children, but it will take at least 10 years for "educated boys" based on protest politics to be ready to build a relationship. R

rRural areas versus urban areas⁣

In small areas where people all know each other it seems as if this phenomenon is exacerbated even more. Feelings of shame, fear, or loss of reputation add to a patriarchal and masculine environment. I ⁣
concept of rape
Our society educates girls with such low clear norms that they often do not have enough tools to identify a rape when they see it. We have the idea that rape is an act where the victim is fully conscious and through violence and physical force is sexually assaulted despite the resistance he makes. .
In fact, most rapes occur unconsciously, by people the victim may have a prior acquaintance with. T

tUtopia vs. realiteti⁣

In an ideal reality men would be the best cortegers, open car doors to girls and learn stories and poetry to make hearts for themselves. Jonë
Our society puts the male at the center. It allows him to invade spaces that do not belong to him without considering the physical and emotional consequences that this may have.
From birth, the family "spoils" the baby boy more than the girl with different shapes: praise of the genitals or "leave him alone!"

Konk Concrete solutions⁣

Protests like today show that there is a part of society that revolts in the face of open human rights violations, but unfortunately does not solve anything for today's victim or for all others to come. .
Strengthening sex education in schools, facilitating reporting procedures and increasing sentences for rapists could be concrete and quick steps to reduce the phenomenon. Të ⁣

The latest media case, unfortunately, is not just rape. In addition to rape is the kidnapping of a minor, substance abuse and abuse in the herd.
Maybe these people are not psychopaths, but simply men who take advantage of the position of favor over a weak victim. Imi

imiStrengthening sex education in schools⁣

Last, but not least, is the reinforcement of "Sex Education" in schools. People who confuse sex education with pornography is that they have never done sex education. Since we do not talk about sex in the family, at least let's talk at school