Ballsh Refinery as the face of corruption, but also disappointment! Three things that hurt

Ballsh Refinery as the face of corruption, but also disappointment! Three things

By Erion Brace

There are three things that hurt at the Ballsh refinery!
Parae para;
The Ballsh refinery is not merely a plant in that town; is Ballshi himself!
Since 2008 when a criminal in power decided to transfer from #state to private, for the interests of the family and under the silence of many politicians in power and opposition, a vital national asset, the lack of transparency hurts endlessly, even raises the nerves!
I'm starting from the bottom;
Now that the refinery is being dismantled, they are throwing in the air the phrase "the bank sold it"!
Which bank? Where is the bank?
In 2008, the Ballsh refinery was bought by Rezar Taçi in a corrupt, criminal process;
In 2013, in #July, shortly after the loss of power from the family, the Ballsh refinery was sold to Rezar Taçi and bought by a company registered in a tax haven in the Virgin Islands;
From that day on, the NBC has neither sales nor purchases, above all there is no bank on the list of owners;
In the extract of Anika Merçuria etc., there is only a record of enforcement actions.
Then, why aren't the oil workers told who the owner is, what he is doing, he sold the refinery, where he sold it, what is the purpose ?!
Many entered that refinery up to two years ago; they used it, exploited the workers, made money, paid nothing to the state and fled!
Now, truth is obligation!
Dyt second;
Court decisions are an obligation to be enforced! The workers have final court decisions in their hands!
Why are they not implemented ?!
In them there is not only an obligation to pay the wages of the workers, but also an obligation to keep the asset until the settlement of the workers.
The government from one year-will continue next year, pays wages to workers; has done very well!
But the obligation for back wages is to the private, it is a court decision and insurmountable with the salaries paid by the government.
If it does not happen here the system falls, we fall into injustice.
Trete treta;
The public interest in the case of oil and its derivatives is a national, strategic interest.
We are the only country in Europe with onshore oil resources; a whole natural wealth that was to be returned to the welfare of every citizen.
But we have no plan in this regard!