Pëllumb Kulla for Koço Devolen: You have to leave, my friend, so that we can understand who left us

Pëllumb Kulla for Koço Devolen: You have to leave, my friend, so

By Pëllumb Kulla / Like today a year ago, Koço Devole left us!

The world is impoverished…

We are leaving on the eve of a New Year. The news made us sad, darkened us, darkened us. This was only the first reaction, that then we, remembering beautiful moments from life with you, started laughing again… Maybe this is how the real humor artists should be conveyed, those who, like you, are born once in 200 years.

Behold, you are of the few, of the rare, who mourn with gas on the lips. That's how we mourned. How envious we are to run away!

Kur mund t’i bëhet njeriut zemra mal kur i ikën një mik i shtrenjtë?! Duket si prapësi, por ja që ndodhi me ty! Gazetat, kanalet televizive, të parët e vendit, të gjithë të kishin në gojë. Ishte një ikje e bujshme e jotja, Koço. U krijua një det i gjerë, një oqean me shfaqje dashurie. Dukej si festë e çuditshme… Ne pamë mrekullinë.

Gjynah, që njeriu nuk e gëzon ikjen e tij! Dhe ky oqean dashurie nuk ishte i shtirur, apo i organizuar.

Ndofta ngaqë u kujtuam, u kujtuam se çfarë po humbnim.

Shohim telefilmin tënd “Milioneri” me atë hallexhiun që po i bëhen 30 vjet që kërkon dhe nuk po i rikthehen pronat që ka patur. Sa bukur tingëllon graviteti i temës, loja jote e gjallë!… Asnjëri nga ne, artistët që lëvruam satirën, deri më sot nuk ka arritur një shpërthim të tillë satirik mbi mashtrimin historik të ndryshimeve.

O Koço Devole!… What was that deity that taught you with the high sensitivity that you give this art your strength ?! What deity taught me that art should have such social content and never serve the banal needs of laughter?

Who taught you the courage to unceasingly and fearlessly discover the ridiculous sides of regimes, of powers, of chameleonism of politicians? In your art there is no lack of any of the leaders of the Albanian country, since life began on this beloved piece of land and since governments began in turn.

How beautifully you make fun of the myths of history, of the dates of events… It is enough to search on youtube with that Nazi soldier, where Ballisti wants him to leave liberated Albania on that very day, on November 28, and Partizan threatens to kill him is leaving the border before the 29th!…

Dear Koço!… Few of you turned the television studios into beautiful workshops! You were one of those who worked harder than the others, to throw away the propaganda pretensions, the directives from above.

Moderators, presenters, were never seen to administer, like you, the gas and the cheers, in the stadiums and sports palaces with four or five thousand people, coming for you and for the guest artists, your friends!

And these you, Koço, achieved, because you lived your life with honor and poverty, with professionalism and thirst for research!…

You have to leave, my friend, so that we understand who left us… That we no longer have this complete artist among us… Here, in the movie "Millionaire" that I mentioned above… Screenplay technique, rhythm, direction, the perfect acting game, prove that you, Koço Devole, are, - you were not… You are, You are!

You are of the same race, you are a member of the great family of Chaplin and Benign, who in a dignified film they do the writing, and the directing, and the central role, and the decor, and the music… Even the poster of the film!…

May your soul, O Koço Devole, become a light for the new artists that will be born on this beloved land!