An initiative in the interest of the capital

An initiative in the interest of the capital

By Plator Nesturi / A recent initiative of the Municipality of Tirana draws our attention not to the serious topics full of clashes in the world of politics, but to simpler issues that still directly affect the daily lives of citizens. It is about the saponified project that brings a new breath to the preschool system and that significantly increases the opportunities for children of all ages for nurseries and kindergartens.

In a city like Tirana that is growing day by day, despite the increase in the number of schools and kindergartens in recent years, we are realistic that when it comes to September for the children's system, for parents there are many headaches to secure places in kindergartens and nurseries. Even interference. With the new initiative of the Municipality of Tirana, this phenomenon is not only significantly mitigated but provides a more optimal solution for the parents themselves while their children can be accommodated near the work center where they are employed.

Two days ago, the Municipal Council approved the first agreement with a private company within the initiative "Nursery and garden near the workplace", referring to the most successful western practices. And this pilot project aims first to enter into similar contracts initially with large business companies in Tirana and will support not only children and families, but also will be an alternative model of public preschool service, in the function of upbringing and education of children.

All this will bring an outpouring of pressure to an ever-increasing city and thus there may be a more efficient redistribution in the interest of the citizen for enrolling children in the public preschool system. According to the project, these facilities will be under the management of the Municipality of Tirana with the selection of staff, planning and establishment of care and education service, as well as monitoring the activity of nurseries and kindergartens near the workplace.

Meanwhile, companies and businesses will provide preschool service according to the standards for the children of their staff, taking over the financing and any other operational expenses, through a detailed contract with the Municipality of Tirana, from the construction and equipment of the building, to payments for child support and salaries of employees selected by the Municipality of Tirana.