The war in Ukraine / An unstable and dishonest comparison of Lea Ypi

Në një status  më Facebook Enver Robelli replikon me shkrimtaren Lea Ypi për një artilull të kësaj të fundit për The guardian, lidhur me luftën në Ukrainë dhe izolimin e Rusisë.

The war in Ukraine / An unstable and dishonest comparison of Lea Ypi

By Enver Robelli / In an article in the British newspaper "Guardian", political scientist Lea Ypi writes: "I grew up in a paranoid dictatorship. "Isolation of Russia will not bring peace to Europe."

Historical comparisons are always subtle. This comparison of Lea Ypi is unstable and dishonest, because it ignores the facts, while it tends to wrap Russian aggression against Ukraine with "philosophical quotations" (Kant, Tolstoy, Charles-Irénée Castel).

Albania was a communist dictatorship and the regime terrorized its people. Communist Albania did not massacre other peoples. Russia is destroying another country, bombing cities and massacring Ukrainian civilians. The Albania of the 70s or 80s does not resemble the Russia of 2022.

Lea Ypi makes a completely lame attempt to minimize Russian aggression when she writes: "Tolstoy teaches us that even in the midst of a deadly conflict there must be a certain belief in the humanism of the enemy."
Namely: should we now also believe that there is something humane about Vladimir Putin and his fascist regime?

Unconditional and uncritical belief in pseudo-Marxist ideology is the worst "guide" to analyzing Russian aggression against Ukraine.

Ypi is skeptical of Western world sanctions against Russia. As an alternative she mentions a federation of states, including Russia, and a balance of powers. But the balance of power can not be created between freedom and non-freedom, that is, between the West and Russia. If this were possible, thousands of open-minded Russians would not flee Russia. Western democracies can have many flaws, but no Western democracies poison critics of power, as the Putin regime has done, and do not condemn oppositionists as Putin does (the example of Alexei Navalny).

The balance of power can be created when states agree on a catalog of values. Russia does not embrace this list of values, and this is clear not only after Putin's recent speeches, in which his hatred of everything Western is rife. In his belligerent speech on February 24, 2022, he said that the West tried to impose its "pseudo-levers" on Russia. Pseudo-value, according to Putin, is democracy. And all that it brings. Writings like this one by Lea Ypi stem from an unreal world where facts are not taken into account in the name of ideological idealism.

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