Fatos Lubonja does not protect either Berisha or Basha! He sees it as an exaggeration of the Americans and a humiliation of the opposition

Fatos Lubonja does not protect either Berisha or Basha! He sees it as an

Analyst Fatos Lubonja calls Basha's decision to expel Sali Berisha from the PD parliamentary group a self-humiliation of the PD and an exaggeration of the Americans: If there really was pressure on Basha to remove Berisha, it would be terrible.

In the interview, Lubonja said that Basha was contradictory in his statement last night when he listed the merits of the historic Democratic Party leader declared non grata by the US State Department, but on the other hand hinted that he felt compelled by the Americans that to remove: If Berisha is really involved in corruption as the US says, then Basha should deal with the system: There is no Albanian who does not know that Berisha is involved, but not to say that Berisha will be excluded because America wants him, says Lubonja who says that Berisha should in fact have left himself many years ago.

Fatos Lubonja:

It takes a long time to separate them all. I believe it is a feeling that sums them up, a bad feeling, humiliation. This act seemed to me a self-humiliation of the opposition, because it is not something that is done by the opposition will that seeks to change the DP from the many mistakes and Berisha himself at the helm, but an action that is taken that the Americans want.

Well, do these people think ... that Basha's statement itself was contradictory: In addition to merit, he said that he should leave because the Americans are looking for me. Or you are a leader who has a different vision, you will fight corruption, because Berisha has been accused of corruption. There is no Albanian who does not know that Berisha has committed corruption with the oligarchs who today are aligned with Rama. If you and the Americans think he should really get away with collaborating with those who share the money, then deal with the system. There has been no talk of this at all. It is a taste of humiliation that undoubtedly raises the authority of Rama and at the same time humiliation of the Albanians that we need a normal opposition. It turns out that the Americans are doing us justice, much less that they have now failed with Afghanistan. But there is also a good as it was said in the time of communism: Turbulence, clear up, it is turbulence to be clarified. There is also talk of pressure for sanctions against Basha. This would be a disgrace to the Americans themselves.

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