Basha's drying team in Tirana

Basha's drying team in Tirana

By Sokrat Hoxha

The engines of the April 25 campaign are on. On the one hand, the Socialist Party, which has taken care to start the campaign meetings a little earlier, seems to be more organized on the ground, and on the other hand, the Democratic Party with the Socialist Movement for Integration, which promise on Monday.

The advantage of the SP, especially in the Tirana Region, became even more visible yesterday afternoon, when Lulzim Basha decided to officially publish the names of the political leaders of the DP. A group of names, former deputies and former ministers in the time of Sali Berisha, which all include 8 people, to whom Basha has hung a not easy leg on the neck, the management of 27 administrative units of the Municipality of Tirana, including municipalities of Rrogozhina, Vora, Kamza and Kavaja.

Practically, a task that looks more like a "suicide" for 8 people who have to manage more than 36 administrative units in less than 80 days of campaigning. Basha's decision to assign each of the 8 names from 3-4 large areas in the administration, is more like a hasty move, taken immediately by the embarrassment of not having enough people to assign them to all areas of Tirana.

It is not known what Grida Duma can do, for example, in two hot areas like Rrogozhina and Kavaja, or a young man like Belind Këlliçi, who has to administer 4 areas, including a bastion of socialists like Unit 6 of the Combine . Even less Aldo Bumçi, who is an over-consumed figure in the Democratic Party, or the new face of Agron Shehaj, who had a losing experience in Vlora in 2017, even though he managed to become an MP.

On the other hand, the team of socialists in the district of Tirana is more serious and makes a deep contrast with that of Basha. First, the SP has chosen to lead the Tirana region, appointing political leaders in all 36 areas that will produce mandates in Tirana. A move made a few months earlier by Rama, which seems to have been consolidated week after week.

Basha's eight in front of the heavy artillery of the SP in Tirana seems a lost bet from the beginning of the season. But, the question that remains is: Are there people Lulzim Basha?

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