The burning file of the Berisha family, in the hands of SPAK

The burning file of the Berisha family, in the hands of SPAK

By Adriatik Doçi / Report TV, through a nearly year-long investigation, without modesty, the most serious and professional investigation that has ever been produced in Albania, has exhausted in a exhaustive, complete and detailed way the behind the scenes of the history of appropriation of state property by the former Partizani club by Sali Berisha, passing it in the name of his son-in-law, who today, on this property, has built 17 towers.

The first part summarizes a mountain of documents produced over a period of 80 years, presenting it to the public in the form of a simple and understandable story.

The following sections, as you will see, delve into this mountain of documents, highlighting the monstrous dimension of the Berisha family corruption and the bowing of the Albanian state in its service.

The facts reflected in the first part are being heard and viewed in the SPAK offices.

The investigation is a crucial challenge for the SPAK to show that, finally, after 3 decades, the last hour of impunity is knocking in Albania.

It is almost a duplicate investigative file. The trust in SPAK that it will implement the laws is maximum.

Like some photos published years ago, where Sali Berisha, appeared in a boat with Enver Hoxha's children and near the chimney of Nexhmija, the investment shows:

-Using the state and power to enrich the family.

-Lining up ministers and directors in the service of the groom and daughter

-Blackmail, intimidation and punishment for anyone who resists and does not sign for the interests of the groom.

-Looting of public property without any decision, simply with a drop of a pencil.

Deletion from the letters of private owners and the transfer of their property in the name of the groom.

Arbitrary actions, forgery and disappearance of documents.

-Frightening greed to get rich at any cost, at any price and unfairly.