Some countries have removed the curfew, but that is why Albania should not do the same

Some countries have removed the curfew, but that is why Albania should not do

Prime Minister Edi Rama through a status on Twitter has reacted against the rumors on social networks for the complete abolition of the curfew, which was extended until 23:00 yesterday by the Technical Committee of Experts. The argument in defense of lifting the restrictive schedule is the fact that other states do not apply it.

But what this fact neglects is that the vast majority of countries in the west were in a complete lockdown, which included the whole enterprise, an extreme closure that was experienced in Albania for 6-8 weeks, at the time of the pandemic outbreak. in 2020.

In concrete terms, the UK had closed every venture, with the exception of those essentials (supermarkets and pharmacies) by May, while the current opening is partial and can only be frequented outside premises of restaurants and bars. The full opening of the enterprises (which has been applied in Albania for a year now) is expected to take place on June 21, a scenario that is questioned by the fact that there has been a drastic increase in new cases with the Indian variant of the coronavirus, which k has pushed the Johnson administration to leave open the possibility of extending the deadline. It is reported that due to the strike rules of "lockdown" more than 50 thousand families could not go to the funerals of their relatives.

Italy created a three-band system, where the most infected areas enjoyed less freedom than other areas, but effectively with the outbreak of the third wave, the whole country switched to the "red zone" and went into complete "lockdown". The closure not only banned gatherings and visits, but also interurban travel, meaning people could not leave their city or locality, regardless of distance.

Greece went through a complete closure in February in its most populous area (home to 6 million of the neighboring state's 11 million inhabitants), Attica, which was accompanied by the closure of schools and disrupted any public activities, including also religious services. Meanwhile, strict measures are still implemented indoors and the economy has not returned to normal.

France just 1 month ago returned to full "lockdown" and closed all enterprises and institutions. Meanwhile, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium and Denmark, although they did not have curfews, waited in May to reopen restaurants and bars, limiting them to outside facilities.

This telegraphic overview is enough to understand why it is impossible for Albania to be compared to other western countries, in conditions when enterprises have operated and life has continued normally. Other restrictive measures to ban public gatherings and curfews have ensured that the country is already ranked at the top of Europe's low infectivity rate. When something proves and works, it would be foolish to abandon it as a practice.