Bregovic comes to Korça with the only fault: His origin! Since being a Slav is a crime ?!

Bregovic comes to Korça with the only fault: His origin! Since being a

By Blendi Gonxhe:

The real artist is universal, exploratory, transnational, unique, provocative. Every individual on this planet can enjoy true art distinct from quality; can project himself into it from Patagonia to Japan. History stubbornly proves that the preferences of artists, even geniuses, are against the current, capricious, often cynical: Mayakovsky adored Lenin, D'Annunzio supported Mussolini, Hemingway and Marquez were close friends of Castro. Yes, Denis Rodman, the NBA legend today is a friend of Kim Jong Un! Nor does this aesthetically or artistically undo anything of their art or talent. While Bregovic is a genuine artist, deep and elegant instrumentalist of our steep Balkans, embittered by fabulous nationalisms. He comes to Korça serenade kindly and harmoniously with his own musical sound to share with the public, bringing with him his only "fault" - the origin! Since being a Slav is a crime ?! Why are we welcoming 1 million Slavic tourists? Why do we condemn Hitler? Are we allowed this hysteria and should we be silent? NO! The national-provincial storm against Goran Bregovic, according to portals, has nothing to do with art or pride, much less with civilization. Probably, does it come from the inflammation "re-vv-oluciona r" from the success of the "Open Balkans" initiative, the political-economic macro-project of the open minds of the Balkans? Or be typhoon-tallavesk summer protagonism? In any case, emancipation, civilization, culture and tolerance must be our heart and soul! As Albanians, as people, as Balkans! Welcome Goran! ????

Bijelo Dugme - Kosovska: https://youtu.be/tKQO0WJo8Xs

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