Mother and son talk about the lies and the message behind it

Mother and son talk about the lies and the message behind it

From Lira Gjika / The mother was shouting at the boy, what are these lies you are telling, where did you hear them? Where did you learn to lie? The boy looked at his mother in surprise and did not speak. The mother continued insisting and angry to ask and swear when the boy suddenly turned to her and said to the mother: You have taught me, you are lying! The mother was losing control of the boy's answer and started cursing him, saying, "shame on you", "you are a bad boy"!

The boy continued: You say I will leave because I have a job and go out to coffee with friends! Is not this a lie? The embarrassed mother did not know how to behave, but in the meantime she was very angry and could not manage herself.

Beware parents! The child does not see what you want and you say. The child is a different person and like any other person has his own mind. He looks at those things that impress him and of course will verify them to understand the accuracy and meaning. Lying is based on intelligence but also disbelief and distrust creates mental health problems. Trust and distrust are built and developed in the parent-child relationship. Of course no parent wants and does not want his child to become a liar. No parent will lie to the child but choose the wrong way as he thinks the child does not understand. This big problem in our upbringing with children creates this confusion, that we unconsciously lie to them.

Studies of the last 20 years show that the child knows the parent better than the parent the child and the child verifies everything that the parent says to him to understand, but also to believe that the parent is in the center of attention and loves him. The child constantly seeks to verify whether they love him or not. If the child is confronted with the words said by the parent and the actions of the parent contradict the words he himself has said, then the child has no choice but to believe that this is the right way to behave as it is also used by the parents. .