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What will I do with my wedding this summer? Cancel it? Shall I move? There is a solution to everything!

Marçela Lati, sjell në blogun e saj një letër për të gjitha nuset e ardhshme të kësaj vere të çuditshme. Është normale që të gjithë të jenë më shumë sesa në panik. Jennifer Lopez e shtyu dasmën e saj dhe kështu po bëjnë shumica. Por ja disa këshilla ekspertësh sesi duhet vepruar dhe sidomos të mos biem në dëshpërim. Ndërsa ne bëjmë plane ka gjjthmonë një plan mbi ne, por sigurisht edhe zgjidhje.
What will I do with my wedding this summer? Cancel it? Shall I move? There is a

We all make plans in life, no one escapes them. How, for example, can a man marry without a plan (except during a drunkenness in Las Vegas, it happened that I only saw them in the movies).

Plans, plans, plans… If you live, plan… until a coronavirus arrives and (s) 'blow up the plans.


If you have chosen an event organizing agency for your wedding, they will definitely have a plan A, B and C J. for you. Even if you have not contracted one, you can be very organized by nature and everything will be get the right flow.

First and foremost, don't panic. A future bride is usually under stress without a coronavirus alarm, think under a global pandemic. Read as much pink news from the world as possible, which is also talking about VIP wedding relocations and this will make you aware that you are not the only one.

From the data so far at GERALDINA SPOSA, it should be noted that a part of the couples are relocating their wedding, while a very, very small number of them are canceling it. Cancellation cases are the subject of pregnancies and the decision to have a holiday at a second time, after the birth of the baby. If you belong to the first group, contact your online agency to set up a possible, new date together, avoiding the first 2 weeks of August, which have historically had the peak of the wedding schedule curve in the time frame of a year.

June brides are still waiting to definitely decide to change the date, while April and May weddings have been postponed to September, so they will have the same climate similar to what they originally chose. Posting the date, (where you can only set the month when the wedding will take place), you can send by email to Whatsapp.


Post only on occasions when you are sure that the month in which you have your wedding will not escape isolation, otherwise I advise you to wait.

Don’t be afraid of risking not finding free dates. The opportunity is full. In the worst case you will give up the wedding on the weekend and move it during the week.

Among the many questions that arose to brides in these difficult days were not absent and the typical reactions of people "aaaa no, the date is not postponed… it brings bad". In this case I have only one answer. Even in August, weddings were not held because Muslims said "bring mischief" and mischief meant that boys were not born from those marriages. But like me who knows thousands of you who know dozens of couples who got married in August, you would bet that more than half of them were born boys.

Returning to normalcy is a slow process that will end with weddings. Review your guest list as you may have relatives living far away and non-confirmation due to the situation may lower the final number of guests, giving rise to the need to search for a smaller wedding hall than the one you had booked. initially. Also get in touch with your DJ, or live band, your photographer and makeup artist to communicate a new possible date so that they all combine best so as not to miss out on the prepayments made, which will provide that you can get the same service, but displaced in time.


I need to introduce you to another fact. For its longevity in the market "Geraldina Sposa" as a company has experienced an unusual situation in '97. The climate in the spring of that year was hopeless, it seemed as if people would not be able to return to normalcy, there would be no life, much less weddings, but the summer of '97 came as no one would have believed. . The weddings took place and people celebrated as if they had not been at war, just 3 months ago.


Someone may tell you that it is selfish to think of a wedding when there are people who are on the front lines of the war with this virus that has brought the world to its knees, but don’t feel bad. So it's your day, it's your dream, it's your wedding.

Think positively and stay home reading me sometimes J