'Wave of Hell' until Wednesday! The meteorologist tells how the weather will be this week and when it will cool down

'Wave of Hell' until Wednesday! The meteorologist tells how the

Until Wednesday, Albania will be covered by extremely high temperatures of up to 40 degrees, leaving still present the so-called wave of hell in terms of heat in the country. But from Thursday the temperatures will drop.

Meteorologist Meteoalb Hakil Osmani made the forecast for the week:

Until Wednesday, our country will be in the predominance of clearings in most of the Albanian territory.

In mountainous areas it is expected that there will be occasional eclipses which will create opportunities for low and isolated rainfall but which will not be problematic.

Thursday is expected to bring to the Albanian territory more visible presence of eclipses, creating conditions for rainfall in a good part of the Albanian territory.

In terms of thermal values, it is expected that until Wednesday we will remain up to about 40 degrees maximum values ??in our country, while from Thursday to the weekend we expect a decrease of 3-4 degrees Celsius, returning temperatures of 36 degrees Celsius in the Albanian territory.