Temperatures drop and rain begins to fall. Meteorology Lajda makes the weather forecast for the whole week

Temperatures drop and rain begins to fall. Meteorology Lajda makes the weather

The next day will have few eclipses, while starting from Wednesday we will have rain which will accompany the whole week.

Meteorology Lajda Porja predicts that temperatures will stay high until Wednesday, where they will reach the value of 28 degrees and will start to decrease starting from Thursday up to 21 degrees. The wind will blow at a speed of 65 km / h, causing strong wind storms in the coastal areas.

' ' The week has started with stable atmospheric conditions, making the weather clear in most of the territory. Cloudy skies will appear in the afternoon. It is forecasted that on Tuesday there will be more visible eclipses where the light rains in the southeastern extreme are not excluded.

Starting from the second part of Wednesday, we expect a proper system of eclipses, which will be moved to the Albanian territory, bringing rainfall in the late evening and heavy rainfall in the northwestern areas and will gradually cover all territory. Also Thursday and Friday morning hours will remain under the influence of moderate and locally intense rainfall.

During this time we will have an improvement of the wind parameter causing the rains to be accompanied by strong wind storms especially in the coastal areas causing the wind to be over 65 km / h. Regarding Friday and the weekend, we expect a significant weakening of precipitation, causing precipitation to be present but in very small quantities. It is predicted that we will have clear intervals on weekends. Air temperatures remain high until the middle of the week where the maximum on the territory side goes up to 28 degrees.

Starting on Thursday towards the weekend there will be a significant drop in temperatures, causing the thermometer to drop to 21 degrees Celsius. The weekend will bring a slight increase of them. As the minimum temperatures will drop, there will be little snowfall on the tops of the mountains, said meteorologist Lajda Porja.