Temperatures are expected to go down to -18 degrees

Temperatures are expected to go down to -18 degrees
Albania in the coming days is expected to be covered by temperatures down to -18 degrees Celsius.

Signs of cold have been noticed today in Dibër, Pogradec, Korçë, Elbasan and in some other cities of the country where the snow has whitened the country.

On Monday the temperature is expected to drop to -18 ° Celsius in Debar, the region with the coldest weather next week. In Tirana the temperatures will drop to -8 degrees Celsius, in Durrës to 0 degrees Celsius, while in Vlora to -1 degrees Celsius.

Maximum temperatures in mountainous areas will be below 0 degrees Celsius. On Tuesday morning the temperatures will increase by 2-3 degrees, but the values ??will remain below 0 anyway.

The cause for the very low temperatures is the cold masses that are arriving from the North Pole.