African dust comes again on Sunday

African dust comes again on Sunday

Our country will be affected by stable atmospheric conditions due to warm air masses of southern origin as a result of the unusual penetration for the period we are in of the African Anticyclone.

The weather is expected to be clear throughout the territory, with a few transitory clouds, mostly high and transparent.

It is worth noting that the temperatures in the midday values ​​are expected to reach values ​​up to 30 degrees Celsius, these values ​​are abnormal and about 7-8 degrees higher than the monthly climatic average for our country.

Also, starting from Sunday, the gradual approach from Western Europe of a deep low pressure center is expected which, passing over North Africa, will transport high amounts of dust (originating from the desert sand of Saharas).

Combined with the high temperatures, this situation will create the sensation of "suffocating" air, although this situation has often been repeated in the past over the country and is not a new phenomenon.