It's raining all over the country today

It's raining all over the country today

Our country throughout the entire 24-hour period will be dominated by clouds and rain, which will occasionally be in the form of showers, mainly in the Northwest of the territory.

It is predicted that the second part of the day will continue throughout the country where the Eastern and South-Eastern winds will be more pronounced, during the night a significant improvement of atmospheric conditions is expected throughout the country.

Meanwhile, air temperatures will increase significantly in the morning, causing the minimum temperatures to reach 4°C in the mountainous areas, while the maximums will decrease significantly, registering a value of 19°C in the Southwest of the territory.

The wind will blow medium to strong throughout the day, reaching a speed of over 45 km/h from a mostly northerly direction, as a result, waves of 3-4 fronts will be generated on the Adriatic and Ionian coasts.