How will the weather be this Eid day?

How will the weather be this Eid day?

On Wednesday, our country will continue to be affected by stable atmospheric conditions as well as high pressure values ​​as a result of the penetration of the African Anticyclone and that of the Azores.

The weather is expected to be clear and a few transitory clouds, mostly high and transparent. Fog/haze in valley areas in the morning hours.

The wind will blow in the southeast-northwest direction with an average speed of 1-4 m/sec, while along the coastline and the valley the wind gains a speed of up to 5-8 m/sec accompanied by waves in the seas of force 1-2.

Temperatures are predicted, in mountainous areas up to 9 / 27°C, in low areas up to 8 / 29°C and in coastal areas up to 13 / 27°C.