Dry September! Meteorology predicts how the month will end: It is not typically autumn

Dry September! Meteorology predicts how the month will end: It is not typically

This Saturday started with rain, temperatures have dropped, but what will the weather be like in the coming weeks? Are we officially in the fall? Meteorological Meteoalb Lajda Porja has shown that in fact it seems as if autumn has officially entered, due to eclipses and precipitation, but not significant and not in the typical amounts of September. The meteorologist said that this September will be dry and the humidity level makes us feel more heat.

Lajda Porja:

It looks like a typical autumn weather, there were eclipses, rain from last night. I can not say that they have been significant, only in some northern areas. There was little rainfall in the central areas. Temperatures have dropped, today the maximum is not more than 28 degrees but although it is this temperature does not feel so cool, but we feel it from the humidity as 30-31 degrees. It is a zagushi weather due to high temperatures at night. Mountainous areas are with minimum values ??up to 14 degrees. The minimum values ??are very low, the high values ??have decreased, but we will feel fresh from noon on Sunday and in the following weeks. The capital has more than 60% humidity and makes us still feel the heat. Only when we have strong winds do we feel fresh.

-So zagushi will be tonight too?

Even tomorrow we expect a slight decline, with values ??in the central and northern areas no more than 28 degrees. The southern areas will have temperatures of up to 30 degrees, a special area. Precipitation will be present today and tomorrow, but not in significant quantities. Moments with raindrops in the southern areas, but there will be showers in the north, Kruja Elbasani, Librazhdi or even Tirana with some moments of showers. So far September has recorded very little rainfall, not typical of September and autumn. Tomorrow will be even less rainfall compared to today.

-How will September end?

Starting next week, we will have typical autumn temperatures, the fall starts from Monday until September 25-26, we will have drop in temperatures, morning and night will feel cool. The nights will be cool with temperatures from 22 to 27 degrees. It will resemble autumn only from the temperatures, we do not say the same about precipitation, they will be almost very little present. Even next week there will be light rain only in certain areas, for Monday and Tuesday. A dry September I would say if we were to compare it to others past. Tonight and tomorrow the only parameter that will make us feel fresh will be the wind, but not at problematic levels.