Rain all day. The minimum temperatures are 7 degrees

Rain all day. The minimum temperatures are 7 degrees

Albania will continue under the influence of clouds and rains, from time to time they will be in the form of coercion; accompanied by strong wind storms, the most pronounced precipitation occurs in the northern and central areas of the country.

It is predicted that during the afternoon and evening there will be a weakening of the intensity of the rains in most of the territory, leaving the South-Southeast end with temporary showers. During the night, a gradual improvement of atmospheric conditions is expected throughout the territory.

Air temperatures will rise in the early hours of the day, but in the afternoon they will drop slightly, fluctuating daily values ​​from 7°C minimum to 18°C ​​maximum in the country.

The wind will blow strong and must reach the maximum speed of over 65 km/h from the South-Southwest direction, creating 5 wave waves on the sea coast.