Rainfall all over the country!

Rainfall all over the country!

Our country is predicted to be affected by unstable weather conditions.

The weather is expected to be mostly cloudy with short intervals of clearing. Rainfall with low intensity is expected to be present in the first hours of the 24-hour period in most of the territory, while in the center the rain will increase in intensity to medium, sometimes rain in the form of thunderstorms accompanied by electrical discharges. locally hail.

After noon, the rains lose intensity and territory, in the evening hours, the cessation of rains is expected in the entire territory.

In the Alps and at altitudes above 1000-1200m, low and locally average snowfall is expected.

The wind will blow in the southeast-southwest direction with an average speed of 2-8 m/sec, while along the coastline and the valley in the morning the wind becomes vigorous and gains a speed of 10-16 m/sec, accompanied by waves in seas of force 2-3 faces.