After rainy days, the weather has booked sunny weekends

After rainy days, the weather has booked sunny weekends

According to Meteoalb: It started with clouds and little rainfall, most of the territory causing mainly the central areas and the southern areas to have rain. In the southeastern areas there is little snowfall.

Weather conditions are expected to improve starting this afternoon, we have relocated the cloud system by returning clear intervals. So in fact it is seen that the weekend is with stable atmospheric conditions.

Clear weather will be present especially in the western lowlands, leaving the mountainous areas with frequent clearings and eclipses. No precipitation is expected.

In terms of thermal values ??today there was another drop in the early hours of the morning, causing the minimums to be zero or minus one degree in deep mountainous areas. Meanwhile the maximums will have an increase of one or two degrees where the value of 18 or 19 degrees is expected.

The weekend will bring rise on both Saturday and Sunday, culminating on Sunday where the thermometer will climb to 22 or 23 degrees Celsius.
The wind will be problematic as it will be mainly northeasterly direction and the cold wind will make the cold feel somewhat, at least in the early hours of the morning.