Weather forecast/ Temperatures drop to 20 degrees

Weather forecast/ Temperatures drop to 20 degrees

On Wednesday, our country will be under the influence of unstable atmospheric conditions. The weather is predicted with alternating clouds which will be followed by rain with medium intensity and locally to high initially in the northwest and further

after locally along the Western Lowlands and south of the country. Rainfall will be occasional and will spread throughout the territory in the form of rapid downpours and storms with strong electrical discharges and hail. During the evening hours, the rainfall will decrease in intensity and will be in the form of short-term thunderstorms. The wind will blow in the northwest-southwest direction with an average speed of 1-8 m/s, while along the coastline the wind gains a speed of 10-14 m/s accompanied by sea waves of force 1-3.

Temperatures are forecast:

in mountainous areas 9 to 16 °C

in low areas 9 to 20°C

in coastal areas 13 to 22 °C.