Weather forecast/ A stormy weekend awaits us

Weather forecast/ A stormy weekend awaits us

Lajda Porja from Meteoalb has made the forecast for the weekend, which looks like it will be rainy, stormy and low temperatures.

The deterioration of the weather is expected to start today at noon.

It is expected that we will have a worsening of the weather. Albania is expected to worsen the weather conditions starting today after noon. The rains will first start in the north and then gradually descend bringing intense rains, which are expected after today, Saturday will also have intense rains bringing problems in some districts, such as Shkodër, Tirana, Elbasan, the area of Krujës, then they will come down and Vlora and Gjirokastra will receive significant amounts of rain and this system is expected to move to Korça district tomorrow. All areas of Albania will receive significant amounts of rain, starting today after noon and at least until Sunday, when the rain will weaken. Rainfall is expected to fall between 50 and 85 millimeters during these hours which are no more than 24 hours where it is a significant amount in a very short time.

We are expected to have strong wind storms. The wind will remain strong until Sunday morning. The most problematic situation is tonight, in the afternoon, in the evening and all day Saturday in all regions of Albania. The temperatures will be problematic during the next day, today we do not expect to have any problems with the temperatures, it is a warm day today, while tomorrow there will be a 5 to 6 degree temperature drop. Saturday will be no more than 19 degrees, since we will have clouds and rain, there will be no solar radiation. This unstable weekend, with a lot of rain, it is even claimed that in some areas the monthly quotas are filled in just 24 hours even though it is the 3rd of November.