From Wednesday the temperatures drop significantly. Predict what the weather will be like this week

From Wednesday the temperatures drop significantly. Predict what the weather

Today and tomorrow are with high thermal values ??for the season we are in. The thermometer will mark a maximum of 29 degrees making us feel zagushi. Meteoalb meteorology predicts significant decline and refresh starting from Wednesday, where values ??will be in fact typical of autumn.

Are you expecting rain? According to the meteorologist, Wednesday will restore the clearings in the country, leaving no possibility for rain, while it is not excluded any isolated rain for today and tomorrow in the mainly central and northern areas.

Weather forecast for the week from Meteoalb:

Today and tomorrow remain high thermal values ??during the first hours of the day as well as during the noon hours we will feel zagushi as the maximum values ??will mark up to 29 degrees Celsius. Starting from Wednesday until Friday, we will have a significant cooling and drop in air temperatures, returning us to normal autumn values. Where the morning will go down to 9 degrees Celsius in the southeastern areas and the maximum in the values ??in the Albanian territory is predicted around the value of 27-28 degrees.

In terms of atmospheric conditions, today and tomorrow eclipses will be frequent prevailing in our country where in the northern areas and partly the central areas bring low and isolated rainfall. While the south of Albania continues to remain with clearings and transient eclipses.

Wednesday and the following bring us a significant improvement of weather conditions, restoring clearings in most of the territory, eclipses will be very little present while rainfall will be isolated and focused on the northern and northeastern region.