Tomorrow the rain returns

Tomorrow the rain returns

The moist and cold air masses of northern origin that have already covered our country will continue to gradually affect the climatic conditions during the following week.

The lowest temperature was recorded in Korça today -3°C, while the maximum temperature was 16°C in Saranda.

On Monday we will have stable weather with mostly clear skies.

The situation changes on Tuesday and Wednesday where we will have unstable weather with occasional rain in the form of rapid showers and short-term storms.

Snowfall will be present in the Alps and mountain reliefs in the east.

It is worth emphasizing the wind element as intense and problematic with a southeast-southwest direction of 2-9m/s, while on the coast and in the valley, the wind sometimes gains a speed of 13-25m/s, causing the waves in the seas to be of force 2-5.

On Thursday, we will have relatively stable weather with rain concentrated in the south of the country, while on Friday there will be a break in the rain.