Weather changes from Tuesday: Forecast for the week and will we have normal seasonal temperatures?

Weather changes from Tuesday: Forecast for the week and will we have normal

The weather improves starting tomorrow and until Friday. There will be clearings, without clouds, although with gradual decrease of temperatures, but without rain, except for a few and temporary rains in the mountainous areas. Meteoalb meteorologist, Lajda Porja has made the forecast for the week where he says that the minimum temperatures will not decrease more than 13 degrees while the maximums will reach 29-30 degrees.

Lajda Porja

The Albanian territory has started with eclipses where the most dense have been in the southern and southeastern areas, generating rain showers. There were thunderstorms and in the central areas in the district of Tirana and Elbasan there were only rainy moments.

In fact, it is predicted that from Tuesday to Friday we will have a gradual improvement of the weather conditions where the eclipses will focus only on the mountainous areas, mainly in the southeast, generating very little and temporary rainfall.

In terms of air temperatures, this morning there has been a significant increase in the minimum values, while a slight and gradual decrease is expected from Tuesday to Friday.

Minimum temperatures will be up to 12 or 13 degrees lower in mountainous areas while the maximums are actually expected to fluctuate by 29 or 30 degrees this week. These temperatures will be approximately 1.5 or two degrees higher than the climatic averages.

The wind will blow light but during the afternoon strengthening is expected, where it will go up to 40 km / h and where it will be generated by sea waves up to 2-3 points.