Rainy weather and significant drop in temperatures

Rainy weather and significant drop in temperatures

For Friday, our country will be under the influence of unstable atmospheric conditions as a result of moist air masses originating from the Atlantic Ocean as well as the Skadina coast. The weather is forecasted with alternating clouds which will be followed by rain of medium intensity in most of the country and locally to high.

Rainfall will be in the form of rapid downpours and thunderstorms accompanied by lightning and hail.

The wind will be intense and sometimes problematic, with a southeast-southwest direction with an average speed of 3-12m/s. Along the coastline, the wind gains a speed of 16-25m/s, causing the wave in the seas to be of force 5-7.

Temperatures are forecast:

in mountainous areas 6 to 20°C

in low areas 14 to 21°C

in coastal areas 14 to 23°C