Don't forget the umbrella, it's raining today

Don't forget the umbrella, it's raining today

Albania will continue to be under the influence of unstable weather, causing clouds and rains to be present, where from time to time the rains will appear in the form of thunderstorms accompanied by strong wind storms, the rains will be more pronounced in the areas Northern - Northwestern Albania.

It is predicted that the late hours of the evening will bring a weakening of the intensity of the rains in most of the territory, leaving only the Eastern mountainous areas with rain and snow.

Meanwhile, air temperatures will remain constant during the morning, but midday brings a drop of at least 2 degrees C, fluctuating daily values ​​from 0°C minimum to 18°C ​​maximum in the country.

The wind will blow at an average speed of over 45 km/h from the West and South-West direction, creating waves over 3 fronts on the sea coasts