Where will it be coldest and warmest today?

Where will it be coldest and warmest today?

The weather in the Albanian territory will be dominated by clear skies and frequent clouds, risking light rains as well as isolated snowfalls, in the deep mountain areas at an altitude of over 900 meters.

It is predicted that the afternoon hours will continue with brief clearings and frequent clouds throughout the territory, but they will be more focused in the mountainous areas along the eastern stretch.

Air temperatures will again drop to minimum values, but the midday values ​​will remain constant, fluctuating from 2°C minimum value in Erseka, up to 18°C ​​maximum value which is expected in the city of Fier and Saranda.

The wind will blow moderately on land and at sea, reaching a speed of 40 km/h from the Northwest direction; as a result, 3-sided waves will be generated on the sea coasts.