This week will close cold. What will the weather be like next?

This week will close cold. What will the weather be like next?

According to Meteoalb: The Albanian territory is covered by air masses of polar origin which have consequently brought low temperatures, mainly in the north-northeastern areas where the thermometer has recorded minus 5 degrees Celsius this morning. While at noon, the thermal values ??are expected to climb to no more than 12 degrees Celsius. The coldest days of this week will be Thursday and Friday where it is expected that in the northeast, mainly the area of ??Bulqiza and Dibra to drop to minus 9 degrees Celsius, while in the southeastern areas will be very low temperatures. The thermometer drops to minus 7 or minus 8 degrees Celsius. The maximum territory level is predicted to be no more than 10 degrees Celsius.

The weekend will also continue to remain cold, although we will have the attraction of this polar cold mass. Negative values ??still remain in 70% of the mountainous area. The western lowlands will have a slight decrease during the first hours of the day. At noon the maximum will peak up to 13 degrees Celsius.

Next week will remain cold and with negative values. The weather will be clear with occasional clouds. There will also be short moments with snowflakes in the north-northeast of Albania.

The presence of the wind will make the cold feel even more.