The week will be warm, until Friday

The week will be warm, until Friday

According to Meteoalb: The week started with the most obvious clearings and eclipses of the Northern and Southern areas, bringing short moments of rain. It is predicted that in the afternoon we will have a significant improvement of the weather, causing a return of clearings. Starting from Tuesday until Friday, stable weather conditions will accompany us to most of the country. It is not expected to have rain, although the eclipses will be present in the afternoon. Friday and the weekend will bring a total change of the synoptic situation as we will have the arrival of air masses from the north of the continent. These measures will bring back rain and snowfall to most of the country.

Saturday and Sunday are forecast to have significant rainfall in the Western Lowlands as well as the Northern and Northeastern areas.

In terms of air temperatures, those minimums have increased slightly, causing the whole week, until Friday to have typical autumn temperatures, where the minimums are 5-6 degrees and the maximums are 23 degrees.

It is expected that Saturday and Sunday will bring a significant drop in temperatures, causing the mountainous areas to drop to negative values ??and the maximum to be no more than 17 degrees.