'Ideal weekend', meteorologists predicted the weather: When we say autumn has come!

'Ideal weekend', meteorologists predicted the weather: When we say

The weekend will be ideal. This was said by the meteorologist of Meteoalb, Lajda Porja who made the weather forecast. There will be no rain and temperatures will be neither high nor low. The capital today and on the weekend will be dominated by sunlight, but at some point also with eclipses. Maximum temperatures will go up to 25-26 degrees, and for those who want to consume a lunch or dinner in coastal areas do not spoil the plans.

Lajda Porja:

The morning today has been pretty cooler compared to the week we left behind. There has been a significant drop in temperatures especially for those who have come out early. Stronger measures penetrated last night. The week we left behind was with higher temperatures.

Today, a good part of the territory remains under the influence of clear weather, except for areas such as Mallakastra and Korça, but with very little rainfall. The rest will be clear although eclipses will be present, the capital will have sunshine until 2-3 o'clock not feeling very cool. Even on weekends in stable weather conditions, no rain is expected throughout the country. Sunny south coast.

Occasionally cloudy mountainous areas. The weekend will be sunny, slightly cool in the morning, with minimum temperatures of 7-8 degrees and maximums of 26-27 degrees. It is an ideal weather I would say, and it will be neither cold nor hot, the ideal medium to enjoy the weekend.

While the next week starts without changes, but until Monday evening. From Monday evening and Tuesday then we will say that autumn has come.