The weekend will be warm

The weekend will be warm

For Friday, our country will continue to be under the influence of stable atmospheric conditions due to relatively dry and warm southwestern air masses.

The weather is expected to be clear in most of the territory, as well as passing clouds mainly in the afternoon and evening. Also tomorrow, a significant increase in temperatures is expected in the midday values ​​due to warm air masses.

It is worth noting the element of the wind, as it is expected to blow intensively and at an average speed of 3-12 m/s, while along the coastline and the valley the wind becomes very intense and problematic, with a speed that reaches up to 18-23 m/s. As a result of the strong wind, the waves in the seas are expected to be extremely high, force 5-7.

Temperatures are forecast:

in mountainous areas 10 to 28°C

in low areas 14 to 31°C

in coastal areas 17 to 30°C