Cold and rainy Friday, temperatures drop below 20 degrees

Cold and rainy Friday, temperatures drop below 20 degrees

For Friday, our country is expected to be affected by the passage of a cold atmospheric front accompanied by moist air masses of western origin.

The weather is initially forecast to be cloudy with increasing to dense clouds. After noon, cloudy weather in the entire territory accompanied by rain with low to moderate intensity in the form of thunderstorms. Starting in the afternoon along the western lowlands rains in short-term periods with intensity to high. These precipitations will be in the form of strong storms and downpours as well as problematic for a short period of time. On the tops of the mountains in the east of the territory, light snowfall.

Eea will blow relatively intensively in the southwest-southeast direction and an average speed of 3-11 m/s, while along the coastline and the valley the wind will be intense and speed of 14-22 m/sec accompanied by sea waves of force 4-6.

Temperatures are forecast:

in mountainous areas 7 to 10°C

in low areas 10 to 19°C

in coastal areas 12 to 18°C