What are the two hottest cities today?

What are the two hottest cities today?

Our country will be under the influence of stable atmospheric conditions, where the clear and relatively warm weather will dominate in the low areas and along the coastline, while the mountain areas will be characterized by clear and frequent clouds.

The second part of the day will continue with clear skies and occasional clouds throughout the country.

Air temperatures will rise slightly in the morning, but remain constant in the afternoon, fluctuating daily values ​​from 2°C, the lowest value in Peshkopi, to 21 °C, the highest value in the territory, where it will be recorded in the city of Fier. and Saranda.

The wind will blow light and medium, with a speed of over 35 km/h from the direction mainly North and North-West, causing waves of up to 2 fronts to be generated on the sea coasts.