Will Europe end fast fashion?

Will Europe end fast fashion?

Policymakers in Europe have called for an end to fast fashion.

On Thursday, the EU parliament voted overwhelmingly in favor of a set of recommendations designed to force the fashion industry to operate more sustainably and help consumers make more responsible and ethical choices. The recommendations aim to reinforce the ambition of a regulatory guideline set out by the European Commission last year.

Parliamentarians called for a clear definition of "fast fashion", focusing on low-cost, low-quality, high-volume production. They called for tougher measures to combat the overproduction and consumption of textiles.

European parliamentarians reinforced their support for EU governments earlier this month to avoid the destruction of unsold textiles, but also to make it legally binding to meet climate and environmental targets, including biodiversity, animal welfare, action late on microplastic pollution and tougher restrictions on the use of hazardous chemicals.

According to them, more efforts are needed to address abuses in the fashion industry.