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Election in France / Macron fears losing parliamentary majority

Election in France / Macron fears losing parliamentary majority

The run-off round for the parliamentary elections in France takes place on Sunday. French President Emmanuel Macron fears losing the absolute majority in the French Assembly. A "clear majority" he had called for in both rounds is in jeopardy, according to recent polls. President Macron's "Ensemble" party could take 225 to 305 seats, along with its allies. An absolute majority requires 289 seats.

Left Alliance and the Greens strong competitors

Election in France / Macron fears losing parliamentary majority

Voting for 572 seats in the National Assembly on Sunday. In the first round last Sunday 5 candidates won seats in parliament. The parliamentary majority is currently facing as a strong rival the left-wing alliance of the former presidential candidate, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, which includes the Socialists and the Greens. According to opinion polls, the left-wing alliance has 140 to 180 seats. In the first round both major political camps had almost the same number of votes.

Marine Le Pen's Rassemblement National populists for the first time since 1986 can form a parliamentary group. This requires 15 deputies. Such a move would mean even more financial support and more speaking time in parliament. The new parliamentary assembly holds its first meeting on Tuesday, along with the senate and the two chambers of parliament.

The French Prime Minister will present the government program on July 5 - The program includes a new law on health, which enables Corona restrictions even after the abolition of the state of national emergency at the end of July. A law on purchasing power is expected to enter into force before the summer holidays, which provides for new aid for the French in need due to the significant increase in prices.

Article by Deutsche Welle